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Vehicle Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems

Sharp's Autos are one of Newbury’s most experienced vehicle air-conditioning centres. We have specialist technicians that have experience of all makes and model of vehicle who will ensure your system is efficient and legal. We also have the latest plug in diagnostics for fault finding electronic climate control.

  • Diagnosis and quotation for faulty systems £36.00 (inc. vat)
  • To recharge systems using R134A gas (including check for leaks & compressor oil) £80.00 (inc. vat)
  • To recharge newer systems using R1234f gas (up to 500 grams of refrigerant) approximately £135 (inc. vat) depending on the quantity of gas required.

For an additional £36.00 (inc. vat) we can disinfect systems with Aircoclean Ultrasonic for cars, which:

  • Eliminates bad odours, pollen & nicotine residues
  • Eliminates micro-organisms like funghi & bacteria
  • Prevents allergic reactions
Vehicle Air Conditioning and Climate Control services Newbury, Berkshire

Overview & Advice

Air conditioning works on the same principle as a fridge, using refrigerant gas to keep the air cool. We can service vehicles with R134A and newer cars with R1234yf.

Many customers do not use their air conditioning during the winter months, unfortunately this can cause the internal seals to dry out and result in leaks. We encourage our customers to use their air conditioning throughout the year for demisting their windows even in cold weather. Most air conditioning systems will work even when the heater is on, and come summer the air conditioning unit has not suffered the common fault of seals drying out.

Disposal of gas

All gases are recovered by our machines and recycled.

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Have been using this garage for a few years now and cannot fault it. The staff are always polite and really helpful, and the prices are very reasonable. Would definitely recommend this garage!

Louise Letsome


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